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Current Plotline: Winter 2012 - Spring 2013

Megabyte Village: Digimon 02 Role Playing Community

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A [Digimon 02] Roleplay Community
Welcome to the community.
This community is a collective revival of the original role play board "Megabyte Village" (created 1999- retired cir. 2003, moved to livejournal) with its original founding members. Our player base is by invitation/application only, which is open for review every six months.

The current status of public application access can be found on the sidebars of both the out of character community and the game board itself. They are updated frequently. If you are interested in filling out an application; please keep checking back with us.

Megabyte Village has always been, and still remains, a fully season 02 oriented game; as such all official canon from the series is respected and followed. As a general rule, most role plays tend to waver back and forth between PG and R.

Viewers and non-players do not have access to any content above an R-Rating, as a small number of logs or journal posts are not appropriate for minors. All players must log into their respective characters to view restricted posts.
Issues/Conflicts with Other Players.
Megabyte Village has a zero-tolerance policy on player harassment. We have yet to have any issues with personal or in-game conflict between players due to our extensive application/review process. However, we handle any and all problems that arise between players in the following manner:

1. If it is a simple issue that can be resolved by editing a post or fixing an accidental mistake in typing, please do so. Mistakes happen; this is the internet. The smallest problems can be blown out of proportion from sheer stubborn behavior. If you can't edit a post, please message a moderator to do so for you and we'll happily correct the issue.

2. If a problem persists that cannot be resolved between the two players; send a message to one of the moderators describing the problem. Please be respectful and informative and refrain from hateful finger-pointing. We will be talking to the parties involved to find a solution to the problem.

3. Continuing harassment in or out of character that has been ignored when previously contacted will result in a player ban. When your account has been flagged for negative behavior you will be removed from the board and your characters will become available for application. This is a permanent action. You may not re-apply.

✖ IN CHARACTER ( Megabyte Village)
✖ WIKIPEDIA ( Megabyte Wiki)

Admins and Mods request that players do not post in character logs, storyline, or character journals in the out of character community. Those posts should be made on the game community board instead. Additionally, the wiki is open edit for any personal character information or profile changes.


✖ ROCKLEETIST rockleetist
✖ DEWDROPINN dewdropinn
✖ SENIORSAVY seniorsavy
✖ LOVEPOPNATSU lovepopnatsu


✖ 3Rs LISTING ( Info & FAQ)


✖ POSTING TAGLIST ( Topic & Character)
✖ TOKYO, JPN ( Google Map)
✖ OKINAWA, JPN ( Google Map)

For information regarding the current character list, all characters and their journal information is now posted on a secondary table below. Taken characters are non-applicable during the new player process.

We, the moderators, ask that players do not control more than two playable characters at one time. Thank you for your time and consideration. Happy roleplaying, everyone!

✎ character name✖ profile & activity status✆ journal username✉ in-character taglist
» AIDEN NAKAMURA[active] ORIGINALprankthestringsFull Taglist
» DARIEN KANATASHI[active] ORIGINALnipponsaywhutFull Taglist
» DAVIS MOTAMIYA[active] 02 CANONlrn2weargogglesFull Taglist
» GENNAI[active] 01/02 CANONnotobiwanFull Taglist
» HANAKO SUZUKI[active] ORIGINALseniorsavyFull Taglist
» IZZY IZUMI[active] 01/02 CANONtrigtrivchampFull Taglist
» JOE KIDO[active] 01/02 CANONdoctorsorderFull Taglist
» JUN MOTAMIYA[active] 02 CANONsignmyshirtFull Taglist
» JUNOSUKE OTA[active] ORIGINALjunosaurusFull Taglist
» KARI YAGAMI[active] 01/02 CANONwintershineFull Taglist
» KEN ICHIJOUJI[active] 02 CANONdonkeymadnessFull Taglist
» MATT ISHIDA[active] 01/02 CANONneedthemusicFull Taglist
» MICHAEL WASHINGTON[active] 02 CANONnycplaydayFull Taglist
» MIMI TACHIKAWA[active] 01/02 CANONbuttonpinkFull Taglist
» NATSUMI HOSHINO[active] ORIGINALlovepopnatsuFull Taglist
» SORA TAKENOUCHI[active] 01/02 CANONflytogetherFull Taglist
» TAI YAGAMI[active] 01/02 CANONitsthegogglesFull Taglist
» T.K TAKAISHI[active] 01/02 CANONherounsungFull Taglist
» TRENT OKADA[active] ORIGINALskippinclassFull Taglist
» WALLACE BELL[active] 02 CANONdoortosummerFull Taglist
» YUKA KAMIYAMA[active] ORIGINALmoneybunnieFull Taglist