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07 March 2013 @ 06:22 am
I decided that I'm changing my regimen and like, going to work really hard on some things I really want to change about myself! Starting tomorrow, I'm totally getting up and running at 6:00am instead of 8:00am and I'm going for a 5 mile run and not like, 3 miles because 3 wasn't enough to show progress. ♥

Oh~! A diet of caesar salads and walnut grape yogurts! I totally stocked up on them when I went to the corner market. I wonder if like, eggs would be okay too or if they'd be way to high for me to eat. Does anyone want to run with me because running alone is really cold and lonely. Senpai, you totally will go? Sora? It would totally be fun! We could like, run the first three miles and then stop at the cafe for parfaits and Sorry, I can't do parfaits because of the fat and sugar content, but I can totally eat the little oatmeal shavings on the top!
Characters: Hanako Suzuki seniorsavy & Junosuke Ota junosaurus
Time: Late Afternoon - Evening
Location: Toudai Campus

Summary: In the aftermath following the events of the Digital World's rescue from deletion, Hanako revives after her death in a strange ethereal reality in which no one can see her; not even Junosuke.

Was I expendable? Was I t-that easy to just forget?Collapse )
07 February 2013 @ 08:37 pm


Matt, Ken, Tai.

How does hiding out at Gennai's place to avoid the mountains of fangirls on Valentine's day sound?

Because no.

Just no